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Domination Nation Interview with Domina Snow

Name and City:
I am Alexandra Snow, typically referred to as Domina Snow. Although I am not originally from the Midwest, I reside in Columbus, Ohio. I founded and built my dungeon, Wicked Eden, in Columbus nearly a decade ago.

Your favorite Fetish:
I have a control fetish, which is typical of any lifestyle Dominant. I have become extremely proficient in a seemingly endless list of activities and areas of kink, but I see them all as means to end. Each individual’s fetishes are a set of tools that can be used with precision to get further inside their head, and I relish that most of all.Outside of my control fetish, bondage was always my first love and it has always continued to thrill and delight me. Coming in close second is foot worship and foot fetish play.

Your favorite type of Session:
My favorite sessions are the ones with exceptional chemistry. I like to take my time and connect with my submissive, which leads to much more intense play. When I can coax them out of their everyday lives and into being responsive to my lightest touch, it’s a thrill like no other. I am easily bored, however, so I prefer many different types of sessions rather than duplicating something again and again. This doesn’t mean things must be radically different, but I am going to change it up.

Favorite Punishment:
Kneeling on rice. I’m old school.

What have been the misconceptions of BDSM?
What hasn’t been a misconception of BDSM?! Kink is abuse. Kink is abnormal. BDSM is only about pain. Kink comes from childhood trauma. Submissive vs slave. Yadda, yadda. Many of them have been discussed over and over, but one that I deal with frequently is this concept that submission is synonymous with weakness… especially for men. Our culture teaches men that to identify as submissive means they are less of a person, lacking in manhood and not worthy of respect. In reality, having a submissive inclination has more to do with submitting to the “right” person and/or being part of a dynamic that centers on one person or specific group of people.  Regardless of whether someone has strictly sexual fantasies or dreams of putting their whole life into another’s hands, the desire to submit is perfectly natural and completely normal. It has nothing to do with how competent, intelligent, skilled, or accomplished you are in the rest of your life. I discuss this on a very general level in one of my YouTube videos and it’s the most popular one to date.

How important is anonymity for you and your client?
I take discretion and privacy very seriously. I believe that you and you alone should define who knows about your kinks. I was one of the first professionals who posted a privacy policy on my website more than 10 years ago because I wanted people to not to fear exposure just because they turned to a professional. Now, these policies are part of what my dungeon is built on and we’ve become well known for it.

Dominas who feel the need to flaunt personal life with Dominatrix life, yes or no?
The proverb “familiarity breeds contempt” describes the phenomenon where people lose respect for someone they know well enough to know their faults. When it comes to domination, this is a slippery slope.
Several years ago, I started to include little bits of my personal life in social media to show that I was a real person, not just a one-dimensional fantasy.

Personal travel, hobbies, pictures of my cats, that sort of thing.  I found that people responded well to this because it made me more approachable and easier to relate to. However, I don’t get involved in drama, frequently bitch about my bad days, stoop to public arguments, or make myself appear *too* flawed. I don’t need to be perfect, but I do need to appear as if I belong on my pedestal. So for a Domina, there should be professional boundaries and an awareness of image, just as there would be in any other industry. If my dentist put up a GoFundMe for his dog, for example, I’d seriously wonder about his business practices and why he couldn’t afford his own vet bills.

Importance of community support?
I’ve been involved in the business world for many years, both vanilla and adult, and I can say that our world is very small. It can be very lonely and incredibly isolating. Part of the reason I started my dungeon was to have a professional  AND personal kink family, and I rely on them! Our community is critical because there is no accredited college for sex workers (well, yet.. give me another 10 years). We must mentor, support, comfort, police, and improve one another. Although the internet has given kinksters the ability to be accessible to one another, it can also keep us apart. We must learn to bridge that gap with real connections.

Your biggest Pet Peeve when a slave disobeys:Being passive aggressive or making assumptions. I hate that. I also don’t like when slaves try to challenge my authority because it’s so ridiculous. Either bark or get out of the cage, I don’t have time for games.

How did you find the Domination life and how does it serve you?I was always a Dominant woman and I found my vocation early, so it has allowed me to be fully integrated with who I am. I wake up every morning knowing who I am and what I want to do. I’ve accomplished things that no one has ever done and forge new paths every day. Everything I have I’ve built myself, so there’s a huge sense of pride in that. I’m incredibly driven. I’m always looking for the next big mountain to climb.

How important is it to ask questions to a slave that wishes to serve you?Unless you’ve developed some magical ability read minds, asking questions is your first method to learning someone. I like to think I’m very perceptive and don’t miss much, but that only gets you so far. Each person is different and they will require a specific approach if you really want to get what you want.

Should you know any method of CPR?If you’re going to play in any area that has a moderate physical risk, you should know basic CPR, first aid, and emergency care. You should also be practiced in staying calm in the event of a problem because just knowing CPR doesn’t mean you won’t hyperventilate yourself. Obviously, the more dangerous the form of play you’re engaging in, the more sophisticated your skills should be in that area.

Why is training important instead of just jumping right in?
I could go on about this indefinitely—I was formally mentored by a retired professional and that’s no longer done. Anyone thinks they can read a book, watch a video, and then try it for themselves. But no one says, “I watched Top Gun, so I think I’ll fly a plane now.”

Where can your future slaves find you?
Because I do so many things, it’s best to go to the site that best describes your ability to serve:
DominaSnow.com – In-person sessions, in the US and internationallyGoddessSnow.com – Online sessions and distance trainingWickedEden.com – My professional dungeon in Columbus, OH with a phenomenal staff.My perpetual top 10 Clips4Sale store: http://www.clips4sale.com/38007Twitter and Instagram: @DominaSnow… or, if you can only remember one site, going to AlexandraSnow.com will get you to all of them.

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