• Sat. Nov 28th, 2020

Domination Nation Interview with Madame Caramel

Thank you very much for this opportunity.

Name and City: Madame Caramel / London based but conquering the Middle East 
Your favorite Fetish: Rubber 

Your favorite type of Session: the ones I call all the shots. I love been in control without safe words I truly believe that I’m skilled and I will understand when my submissive reached is limits. 

Favorite Punishment: whipping
Your biggest Pet Peeve when a slave disobeys: ignored 

How did you find the Domination life and how does it serve you?
It’s what a truly live and breathe. I’m a professional mistress but also a lifestyle with three collared slaves (two are also lovers) that live with me part time. I born to be served and blessed that I have found my boys that born to serve so we are all truly happy. But also I appreciate all my lovely clients that taught me a lot and grew together with me on this 11 years journey. Life is great. 

How important is it to ask questions to a slave that wishes to serve you? 
Very important! I’m not magician communication for everything is life is key. If you don’t ask you don’t know if you don’t know soon all will be lost.

Should you know any method of CPR?
I’m first aid qualified and every three years I take the training again but I never had a massive accident in my chambers. I had few that I dealt with them myself but no serious injurious or passing out. 

Why is training important instead of just jumping right in? 
It all depends I truly believe that there is seven different types of submissive so you need to identify them and play accordingly. I have client that comes for a quick sensuous session don’t need no after care or nurturing after , also have the Maso that he wants my cruelty and pain then I have the romantic submissive that truly adores me that will do all for me , the cocky slave I detest so I don’t see them. They think they know better than the Domme and other subs missing the point really. The others let the people reading this figure it out ha ha.

Where can your future slaves find you?
I travel extension through Europe and Middle East.  Based in London so they just need to check my dates on my website www.madamecaramel.com for the ones interested I run a Femdom club in London www.clubblackwhip.co.uk and also the owner of the first class BDSM apartment in Londonwww.hoxtondungeonsuite.co.uk available to rent by couples or professional dominants. 

My latest venture I will be proudly hosting the London Summer Femdom Ball www.femdomball.com where I’m planning the bring all the best of worldwide Femdom has to offer keep your lies peeled website and tickets will be available soon. Kisses and lashes

Marabelle Blue

Ms. Marabelle Blue is the Owner and Editor in Chief of Kink~E Magazine, creating the number one Fetish and Alternative Lifestyle publication in New York City and around the world. She is also the author of part one of the Trilogy Series, An Illegal Affair, producer and host of KEM TopTalk Interviews and Discussions, Erotic Experiences and now the Editor and producer to Marabelle Blue Unfiltered which focuses on array of topics from reality television, lifestyles, coaching, business aspirations and the paranormal.

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