• Fri. Nov 27th, 2020

Domination Nation Interview with Mistress Thick

Name and City:
I am Mistress Thick  The Ebony Scat Queen & Pimpstress of NY!
What are your favorite Fetishes: I tend to incorporate race play and extreme humiliation into all sessions and slave interactions. Black Domination ~ White humiliation, I would say that these would have to be my favorite fetishes!

What are your specialties:
Toilet play (specifically scatplay) & all forms of Cuckoldry!

Why is this your specialty :
I deem it my specialty because they both are the most emasculating acts that also allow me to incorporate my favorite fetishes at their maximum! I feel these 2 acts require the highest levels of degradation and submission.

What are your top 5 Sessions:
Toilet , Body Worship, Strapon, Cuck, CBT

What is your favorite punishment:
CBT (specifically) Violet Wand  to the taint! You can actually see the testis draw back up into the body!

What is your biggest Pet Peeve:
My biggest pet peeve is for a slave to respond to me using any of the following words: Okay, Yeah, Alright, and uh huh . All of those are examples of unacceptable responses to a person of authority.

How did you find the Domination life and how does it serve you?
I feel I am one of the few people born for this lifestyle. Although I didn’t explore Fetish, Kink and BDSM until 27 it was always there, even looking back I can recall me asserting my dominance over boys from the age of 6 by pantsing them in public and laughing at their tiny lil penis!

How important is it to ask questions to a slave that wishes to serve you?
It is extremely important for me to ask questions to a slave! Before I accept the service of any slave I must be certain that his interests correlate with my own. If they do not … I am not the Goddess for them to serve and their service will not be accepted.

Should you know any method of CPR?
Although I do know CPR and am CPR certified, I don’t feel it’s necessary to know CPR methods. I do feel it important to learn basic first aid methods and have a first aid kit if performing RT sessions.

Why is training important instead of just jumping right in?
Training is extremely important! It lends to your confidence in your craft as a Domme. When one is trained it not only gives necessary experience and knowledge, it also demonstrates a passion and love for their craft.

Where can your future slaves find you?Email:Goddess@mistressthick.com
Email: thickzilla2010@yahoo.com
Main site: http://www.mistressthick.com/
Event site: www.solezsistaz.com
Findom site: www.findoms.com/mistressthick/
Clips4sale: www.clips4sale.com/86375
Twitter: www.twitter.com/MistressThick
Niteflirt: www.niteflirt.com/listings/show/10280603–Black-Domination-White-Humiliation-Ebony-Goddess-

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