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Domination Nation Interview with Ms. Soviet Mercedes


MB: Please share with our readers how you began your life in Domination and how many years dedicated to your craft?
Ms Soviet Mercedes: I will be mostly referring to my “Professional craft here, since being evil and dominant has always been within, dating all the way back to Elementary School.

I first learned about the dynamics during my late teenage years. While I have always remained a very Bdsm-like dynamic between my boytoys and myself, it wasn’t until my 18th year that I actually learned about the whole world of BDSM, its terminology and the wide aspects of it all.

Being invited by some friends to an “open-minded fetish” I was in complete ecstasy learning and viewing all these people within their role and (sexual) freedom. That evening many males approached me to be “my puppy” or “my slave” and it instantly felt natural to me. I connected to lots of new people and others quickly found me on my (back then vanilla) account and started requesting sessions. However I knew that there is a different level to being a Domme, compared to being a Professional Domme.

I dived in and have been very lucky to have been educated on practical things from experienced and international Dommes. A little later I started doing sessions professionally, and here we are; almost 12 years later.

MB: As a travelling ProDomme, how does the USA differ from Holland?Ms Soviet Mercedes: Seeing the recent (past years) changes within the industry and the war on Sexworkers it is much easier for me to openly and publicly advertise myself here in Holland as well as paying my taxes and remaining a company. Even though Holland is changing a lot too, the control that the USA forces on sexwork goes to extremes that I do not experience here in Holland.

MB: Do you find the ideology of BDSM life is more respected than it is in the USA?
Ms Soviet Mercedes: There is still a stigma (worldwide I think) about the beautiful dynamics of BDSM, however it is not as bad as it is in the USA.

MB: Are the male slaves more respectful than American subs?
Ms Soviet Mercedes: While I can say that Holland is much more “open” about the broader aspect of sex work, it also makes males much more spoiled and demanding. Dutch males want everything, while giving as little as possible and (often) not understanding the true meaning of submission. That is not to say that I don’t have some amazing devoted slaves here, however it certainly is different on a collective scale to other countries in Europe (UK and Germany), as well as the USA. While I feel there is a much bigger stigma in the USA due to the “wonderful” programming of The American Nightmare/Dream, it takes US males a little longer to find themselves. Watching the process, it is lots of undoing of layers laid upon society’s upbringing before they can give themselves: the illusion of Alpha Males, their role in Women’s lives and attitude towards powerful women. I will say however, in general once committed that their commitment goes deeper than Dutch subs and slaves.

MB: Talk to us about your image condom idea and how that came about for you?
Ms Soviet Mercedes: While I have a wide range of slaves and subs, My unique condoms are for those truly dedicated. I wanted to play an active part in their sexlife, having them remember that they are only allowed having sex by my grace. And what better way to do that? My image on the condom, so whether it being consciously or subconsciously it connecting them to me and their devotion to me.

MB: Any hard limits?
Ms Soviet Mercedes: Outside the basic ones (only adults, consent etc) I have learned that I have very few. Having experienced such a variety of sessions as well as being schooled in certain arts by professionals (like medical and suspension), no dynamic is the same. My hard limit would be playing without financial tribute, HA!

MB: Has the Prodomme life serve and continue to serve your needs?
Ms Soviet Mercedes: The Prodomme life has deepened my knowledge about myself and the world hugely! Besides learning and exploring my own wants and needs as well as boundaries, it also teaches me about the political and economical stance of women worldwide, and how I refuse to cater to that. Always having more place in my “stable” for new slaves, I am content with those visiting and serving me currently. Of course I want more…

Business and Social Media

MB: Has FOSTA/SESTA affected how you conduct business, if so what have the steps you’ve taken to change it?
Ms Soviet Mercedes: Fosta/sesta has been a huge impact on the industry in my opinion. What many don’t know is that there are similar laws currently being tried to push through here as well, and even extending to making it illegal and punishable for people to engage with us on personal and professional level. Horror story in the making.

MB:  A lot of people have incited panic due to the FOSTA/SESTA laws even creating websites with misinformation about websites, hosting services and money processors that are not adult friendly. What is your response to those spreading misinformation and what is your advice to those in order to keep their business afloat with minimal issues?
Ms Soviet Mercedes: My main advice would be to first let all emotions out. The war on sex workers is nothing new, rather just wearing a new jacket. Get the anger out, yell, scream, cry and do whatever is needed within your capacity to take care of yourself. Then it is time to educate yourself. What is the law, how is it affecting you directly and indirectly, what options are left, what new methods have been created etc. etc. Mostly KEEP SAFE and be extra cautious. Keep in contact with other sex workers and get informed. Thankfully there are many courageous women out there collecting the information, providing alternatives (even if they are still very few compared to before) and being a beacon of light due to their experience and knowledge.

MB: Another issue present on social media is the ‘instadomme’ phenomena – young ladies acting as Prodommes, solely asking for money with no real life training or experience. How can subs distinguish the difference to find the best ProDomme for their own experience and to be safe?
Ms Soviet Mercedes: THINK and USE YOUR DICK LESS. Anyone with any COMMON SENSE will not fall for “instadommes”. Mind you, I wish for all women to be paid, whether it being platonically because of “ones look” or because they have a deeper understanding of the dynamic. It is all about responsibility. If your hormones get the best of you and you refuse to do some homework and use common sense, then there is nothing I can say that will change that.  Is there a twitterfeed (and how long?), is there a website, are there clipstores, what can you google about this person. Again, basic common sense.

MB:  We all have an opinion when we see something that is wrong or something we disagree with. How important is it for you to keep your social media in a positive perspective, while still able to keep other Dommes informed of time wasters or fake subs?
Ms Soviet Mercedes: This is such a good question! I feel it is all about balance. If you follow me, you know I regularly call out timewaster and fake subs. As well as praising my good slaves. I try not to get involved in kink-shaming, and if worth it, educate from my point of experience and knowledge. I will never trash other ProDommes; if I disagree on something we can disagree. The mute and block button are beautiful features on social media.

MB: Using your social accounts to trash other ProDommes or kink shaming? Do or Don’t?
Ms Soviet Mercedes: My last thing on this, of course I agree that at SOME level we are responsible collectively for the image of being a (responsible) Pro Domme, but it is never my responsibility to be actively involved in monitoring this. People come from different backgrounds, cater to different clients and my personal opinion has nothing to do with that. If I don’t understand a kink? I simply won’t get involved with that kink. That’s it.

MB: With Iwantclips, clips4sale as viable tools, how important is it for you and your brand to have clips available for your customers and has it made a difference in compensation for real time sessions?
Ms Soviet Mercedes: It has changed the industry a lot. Having been out of the scene for 3-ish years between 2014-2016 due to family illness, and only doing sessions with a handful of loyal and dedicated slaves, I came back and experienced a huge influx of the online domination platform. I truly enjoy that, for it gives me the freedom and possibility to add another dimension to my World Domination. I am now much more critical with whom I allow to session with me real time as well as being able to remain in contact with my international slaves.

Education and Community

MB: Education has been one of the most important focus within our Kink~E Magazine community.  How important is it that any Prodomme remains educated, not only with sessions but with running your business safely?
Ms Soviet Mercedes: Being a ProDomme is running a business. It is no different from running a restaurant in the sense that one has to know what the rules and regulations are in order to remain open and safe. The extra aspect is that we do not brand an external product, but ourselves, which calls for extra caution. We are the “product and service” and we can not be replaced. I can not emphasize Self-Care enough, as well as remaining updated with events and regulations that influence you (and your business) directly. Not being up to date, means running out of business.

MB: Has the 50 Shades misconception finally died out on what BDSM and Fetish life means?
Ms Soviet Mercedes: Unfortunately no *sigh*. While I can say that the peak of it has passed, in the  mainstream public people still seem to view mr. grey as this glorified sexy master, rather than the narcissistic abuser that he really is.

Of course I am happy that it sparked the conversation, we are far from “over” the misconceptions and assumptions.

MB: Through your years of being a Prodomme, looking back at different sessions, would you have done anything different having the knowledge you presently possess?
Ms Soviet Mercedes: In my younger years at the beginning, I would say I was much more a fetish provider. Now I am very clear of my identity and stance in this world, so my sessions are deeper and more intense/more controlled. However, identity is always fluid and never stagnates, so the beauty is I can fulfill this to however I feel and see fit now.

MB: How important is it for you to continue the sisterhood with other Prodommes?
Ms Soviet Mercedes: Important! Oh my I can praise this enough. Being in the BDSM scene has enriched my life (online and offline) with such amazing women. There is so much to learn, so much to exchange and there is true care for each other based on a deeper understanding due to being in the same “economical” position. I truly feel blessed, being surrounded by such amazing women, and do not take this for granted.

All about You!

MB: What rituals or must do’s gets your day started?
Ms Soviet Mercedes: Ritual cleansing, meditation, yoga and offerings to local spirits 😉

MB: Your best memory?
MS: Traveling the world and meeting amazing people, it would be impossible for me to pick one, sorry!

MB If you left the BDSM tomorrow, how would you like to be remembered from your peers and your subs?
Ms Soviet Mercedes: By the women as someone who added some positivity in their life. I actively try to acknowledge beauty and effort whenever I see it, cause I know how easy it is for us to take it for granted and not realizing the significance of a heart-felt compliment or comment. By my subs as “the evil one with a smile on her face who impacted the life”.

MB: Anything else?
MS: Thank you so much for doing this and giving me this chance!

Your social media:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/SovietMercedes
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sovietmercedes/

Marabelle Blue

Ms. Marabelle Blue is the Owner and Editor in Chief of Kink~E Magazine, creating the number one Fetish and Alternative Lifestyle publication in New York City and around the world. She is also the author of part one of the Trilogy Series, An Illegal Affair, producer and host of KEM TopTalk Interviews and Discussions, Erotic Experiences and now the Editor and producer to Marabelle Blue Unfiltered which focuses on array of topics from reality television, lifestyles, coaching, business aspirations and the paranormal.

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