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Feature Interview with Dave Lampert – Creator of the Sybian

The night before Dave Lampert was set to be on Howard Stern, his flight was canceled. And what he wanted to discuss with Howard about the Sybian and to be able to educate his audience on how to really use it, I was honored to have this interview. 

Dave is an interesting sort of character. He’s very serious, almost intimidating, at least for me. Probably one of the most challenging interviews I’ve had to date, however, he’s forward and willing to answer questions and one of the nicest people I’ve spoken to on the phone. 

Reading the history of the Sybian and the process Dave went though in creating this type of machine, I realized that the Sybian is more than just a simple creation used to “get off”, but rather from testimonials he has received over the years, it also helps with health issues as well. 

I began my questions with regards to migraines and how the Sybian helps with this issue. Considering that I am a person who lives with migraines, I was curious to know why someone would want to have an orgasm while their head was pounding. Dave answered simply that women who experience cramping and /or the beginning stages of a migraine found that using the Sybian would relieve and even take away the pain completely. He uses the term “getting the poison out”, which means basically this is a ways or a means to relieve pressure, tension or pain.

As the Sybian is a challenging machine itself, he does mention at times it’s very difficult for a woman to use this while in this type of pain but over time, getting feedback from many women has proved that the Sybian “flattop”, the less intrusive part of the machine, has helped many of women get rid of the unwanted pain of tension, migraines and most important the cramping that comes with the monthly period. 

Dave mentioned that even though Howard Stern takes the Sybian as a joke or as a form of entertainment he stresses upon the fact there is an educational value to the Sybian. 

The concept is simple; the purpose of the Sybian is to relieve stress, tension and pain (“Getting the poison out”), and it also helps couples to enhance their sexual lives. 

So how does that work? The Sybian is designed for women to find a place where they can feel comfortable in their sexuality by getting to know their bodies especially when it comes to having an orgasm. However, here is the downside to that. Dave has made comments about videos that have flourished into the thousands on the internet on how to use the Sybian and that 99.5 percent of them he totally disagrees with how the Sybian has been displayed and used and what the real purpose is for. 
If anyone listens to Howard Stern, Dave appeared on the show back in April and guided porn star Raven Alexis on riding the Sybian with his help in “getting the poison out”. However, it seemed to be more a joke or rather entertaining.

Now we all love Howard, at least I do, but listening to the show again, I realized Dave’s point on what he was trying to get at, especially after our interview. It surprised me to see Howard and most of his staff rushing the process especially since they thrive on sex so why would they complain about a girl having multiple orgasms? Raven Alexis seemed to be enjoying herself as well, having Dave as her guide. 

What Dave’s point was, as he tried to demonstrate on the Howard Stern show, is that a couple in the privacy of their home, can use the Sybian by sitting down together, bare skin to bare skin, arms around each other, kissing and communicating, and be able to enjoy the experience together. In essence, the Sybian is an investment to make especially for those that may be tempted of going outside their relationship. 

I asked Dave if he’s ever gotten feedback on any man who has been intimated by the Sybian and his response was “the only men that are intimidated by Sybian are those that have lack of confidence in their own sexual abilities, it they have confidence in their own sexual ability the Sybian is an aid to them.” 

Listening to Dave made me understand exactly where he was coming from; the idea on what he states on the history of the Sybian on Sybian.com is “Although sex is part of everyone’s everyday life, it is a subject avoided by many.

The fact of the matter is in order for a relationship to be successful sexually, the Sybian can enhance that relationship and the woman will find a place in her life where she can enjoy her body, teach her mate to enjoy her and even teach her mate to enjoy himself without having to orgasm quickly. 
The Sybian is not the only item on the menu, he also sells an item called the Venus 2000 designed for men to help them last longer in sex and maintaining a higher level of sexual gratification for both partners. 

He is convinced that women can teach themselves to have as many as fifty orgasms on the Sybian. Learning to use the Sybian correctly and having this information, one can learn how to release themselves and both partners can have a gratifying and fruitful relationship. If a woman says that she doesn’t want to have sex with her partner she’s really saying, “You’re a bad god damn lover and I don’t want to screw with you”.

One of the goals of the Sybian is that if a woman rides the Sybian, if within forty seconds if she’s having an orgasm that’s a good thing, now if a man doesn’t perform the same way and half hour later you’re still waiting to have a orgasm, it becomes a job and it’s not pleasurable anymore. 

Sharing my personal experiences when it came to sex, I shared with Dave about my many bouts of being with a man and never having an orgasm and surprise yes I have been many of those women who have faked it and never really cared if a man knew it or not. I believe it is a frustrating experience to have a man on top of you pumping away and nothing is really happening, there’s no connection, but just a person just humping and not getting anywhere. It’s like Scooby and Shaggy running and running nowhere fast. I’m sure other women reading this has had similar experiences. So enter the Sybian. If a woman can learn how to master her body with the Sybian, she in turn can teach a man how to master her body the same way a Sybian would. 

I asked Dave what prompt him to create something as the Sybian, and was it based on his personal experience, feeling that maybe something was missing. He said he found out a long time ago that most women have not come even close or knows the potential of having the enjoyment from intercourse. He’s never heard a woman say who’s had five orgasm I wish I can only have two or a woman who may have had ten orgasms and said I wish I can only have three. When it comes to orgasms no one is going to want less of something that feels good.

Dave explains that owning a Sybian is teaching your body to have multiple orgasms and not just obtain that one orgasm and walk away which is what most people are conditioned to do. Once the orgasm is over, the sex is over. Having multiple orgasms and teaching your partner how to be with you, you become a better partner and a much more fun partner and the sex is more fun and you can’t beat that! 

It was important to Dave to express that the Sybian is more than just a sex toy that his creation is an educational tool and to help people have better sex in their lives and over time during its modification period, they were able to get feedback from women that was able to help get the Sybian to what it is today. 

When I questioned if people do in fact return the machine within the forty five day grace period, he openly expressed that yes people did but, it was not due to the machine not working but merely that men order it for their girlfriends or wives and if the girlfriend or wife has in their mind this isn’t going to work or they are not accepting of it, it’s not going to work. 

Of course this is where we tread the waters of what’s right and what’s wrong, what our mother’s taught us on what’s good for us and what’s not. If we are stuck in our minds with the hang-ups that were instilled in our upbringing, we will not be open to something new and perhaps something that can help us along the way. Owning a Sybian is something that can actually make us feel good and that’s not a bad thing. 

Dave wants to be able to make a video that explains the true purpose of the Sybian, to be able to have a visual of how to correctly use this machine, mainly reaching out to the everyday woman, that sex is not about having it in your “heyday “of life but that even after marriage, after children, sex should be good, all the time, in fact, even better. Dave stresses, “There are no more excuses!” 

In ending our interview, I asked Dave what celebrity he would like to see ride the Sybian, he said, “Madonna and Cher”. 

Now if he can put that on video, that would be some video! 

Order your Sybian today at www.sybian.com, a purchase guaranteed for a lifetime – good for the body and good for the soul.

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