• Sat. Nov 28th, 2020

I positively adore glass sex toys.  They’re irresistibly unyielding, perfect for temperature play and they look absolutely gorgeous.  I always get a lot of stunned reactions when I talk about glass toys.  “What if it breaks?”  and “Are you sure that’s safe?”  are the two questions I get asked the most often about glass insertables.  Today I want to put those two worries to bed so that you can explore the world of glass toys safely and without fear.

Will it break inside you?

Most glass toys are made from one of two materials: Soda Lime or Borosilcate glass.  Both of these types of glass are very strong and can withstand heavy treatment.  In each case, when these materials do break, they tend to split or chip rather than shatter.  So there’s little chance that one of these toys is going to smash during use.  

That being said, there is a possibility that they can break or weaken with time.  This is particularly true if you’ve purchased a lower quality toy or if you don’t take good care of them.  To keep your glass toys in tip-top condition, store them carefully, with each one in a protective case or wrapped in a soft cloth.  Take extra care if packing them to travel, making sure that they can’t bang against one another in transit.  Be sure not to drop them onto a hard surface.  Most importantly of all, check your glass toys regularly for any signs of wear or tear.  Discard them immediately if you spot any chips or cracks which indicate that the toy has been damaged. These weak points are abrasive against the skin, and a toy that has sustained damage is much more likely to break.  

Are they safe?

Provided that you’ve chosen a toy made from a sturdy material, and you’ve properly maintained it, glass toys are actually very safe.  They’re non-porous, which means that they can be fully sanitised and can be used with multiple partners provided they’re thoroughly cleaned in between each use.  They are compatible with all types of lubricant and they’re really easy to keep clean.  Alongside silicone and stainless steel, they’re one of the safest materials for sex toys. 

Why choose glass?

There are a whole range of reasons why I enjoy glass sex toys.  The fact that they’re non-porous and hygienic is just one reason.  The rigid surface provides a really intense sensation, a feeling of unyielding fullness that you might not get with softer materials.  Because the material is so hard, textures like bumps and ridges feel more pronounced, offering stronger sensations during play.  Glass is a great option for anal toys like plugs because the surface is completely smooth.  This makes them easy to insert and more comfortable to wear for extended periods. 

Glass also holds temperature extremely well.  If you’re into temperature play, you can cool your insertables down in a bowl of icy water before a scene for a shocking sensation.  Glass also warms up to body temperature during play, which feels amazing against your most intimate areas.  My favourite thing about glass toys is that they tap into a sense of danger.  Even though we’ve established that glass toys are safe for play, there’s always a thrill to use a toy that’s feels like it could cause damage.  It feels wrong somehow to penetrate oneself with something that we think of as brittle or delicate, and it plays with the mind as well as the body. 

Glass toys are actually quite safe to use as long as you choose one that’s made from either soda lime or borosilicate glass.  If you take good care of them and discard them at once if they show signs of damage, you should be just fine.  Glass is such a fun material that offers so many options for play and exploration, and I definitely recommend adding a glass toy to your collection if you want something daring, kinky and beautiful.

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