• Tue. Jan 19th, 2021

The ‘Bigger Than Sex’ Movement

When I received a text “Can you talk” from King Lexa on Saturday, I wasn’t sure what to expect.

And when she discussed this movement she created and heard the excitement and passion in her voice, I felt this was a call I was waiting on forever.

Her expression for this cause in how she conveyed it to me, I didn’t have to think twice to jump in to spread a positive message among our community.

Coincidently, a few weeks ago, I was just speaking about the importance of who I interview and spreading positive messages within our community, due to how we are reflected from the “outside world”.

It’s no secret and I say time and time again, the intelligence within the adult nation is just outstanding. I have met and continue to meet so many wonderful, eclectic people, who touch my heart with their own passions and desires to fulfill their goals. My eyes never looked at my community on what they do but what they are most passionate about.

When King Lexa asked me to shoot a video, I sort out my bra put on my makeup and jumped on board. Not only shooting my own personal message of gratitude to the person who believes in me (you have to see the video to find out who that person is), but now becoming part of her team to promote everyone to get in on this cause! So, without further ado, here is King Lexa’s in her own words on the Instagram post from this morning:

“Standing in authenticity and openness we hope this movement moves, touches, and inspires others to take a stand for something bigger than themselves. This movement is in collaboration to @cupcakegirlsorg

Within this movement we aim to raise funds for the @cupcakegirlsorg  who takes on the noble task of providing confidential support to those involved in not just the sex industry but also sex trafficking.

#biggerthansex is made possible thanks to the sex worker community standing together for a bigger cause…for something bigger than what they do for a living… for something bigger than sex.

Sex workers internationally & from different lines of sex work (dominatrixes, findoms, adult performers, sex therapists, cam girls, exotic dancers and more) are taking a stand filming gratitude videos causing female empowerment within the community. The videos begin launching this Monday and every Monday until fundraiser goal is reached!

This movement is a community movement and cannot happen without all community taking a stand for the same possibility.

Please support the movement by donating using the link in our bio, sharing the videos, using our hashtags and sharing the movement.

Standing in Power!”

Please note if you wish to partake be sure to read the instructions on the images below. The faster you get your video in the faster it will get on the rotation list for the next week.

Art credit: @randyfruchterart

In addition listen to the ad on Marabelle Blue Unfiltered last night on Anchor.fm

Marabelle Blue

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