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KEM TopTalk Interviews and Discussions with Master Joshua

KEM TopTalk Highlights Episode Interview with Master Joshua
In this episode of KEM TopTalk, Marabelle spoke with Master Joshua about how he came into the BDSM lifestyle ten years ago.

Seeing the experience of change over the years, Joshua talked about the 50 Shades of Grey movement and how that was an opportunity as a “permission slip” to come out and look. Not the book was the “bible” of BDSM but opening a door.
Master Joshua went on to talk about the #metoo movement and the true definition of permission and consent and how that movement came to be with the happenings of people taking advantage of others in their vulnerability.

Master Joshua, who describes himself as a pansexual/demi sexual male, talked about his early experiences with attending events, looking to explore different sides of his own sexuality he tried to attending a queer event but was turned away as he was perceived as a CIS male who was not considered gay or didn’t “look” like a gay man. Initially he was discouraged with being turned away but that didn’t stop him from his journey of exploring and becoming at one with a community he treasures and respects in all forms and all aspects.

His joy and love of role-playing with others, Master Joshua views everyone as ‘persons’ and not viewed by their gender all who are exploring their kink journey.
As the interview got deeper, Master Joshua talked about how people may not be ready to start their journey within a public aspect of attending parties and having the proper etiquette. While people may be ready to being a personal experience of kink, attending at a public domain is different and he mentions that many aren’t being taught correctly.

“…the big thing now is consent is not being taught… Culture etiquette respect and equality…”
Master Joshua talked about the old guard vs the new, thoughts and differences from then until our present day.

Between Decadence and Kink Collective Master Joshua is making a dent within the BDSM community, not only providing education but establishing family unit with other community members so everyone is open, so there aren’t misunderstandings or violations and taking account of being responsible community member.

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