• Wed. Nov 25th, 2020


by Mistress Rage

I have heard a lot, seen a lot, and done a lot. Many years ago someone asked me what I thought was the weirdest fetish. I had to think about it because I have seen some really weird shit in my days.

After a lot of thought it occurred to me that the one fetish I truly do not understand is worming. Worming, more clinically known as oculolinctus, is a fetish for licking someone’s eyeball. Yep, it is just what it sounds like. One person uses their tongue to lick another person’s eyeball. You may be the licker, the lickee, or a mix of both. I have also heard mention of actually sucking on the eye.

While I am certainly not one to kink shame, I do examine fetishes like these through the lens of Risk- Aware Consensual Kink (RACK) and Personal Responsibility Informed Consensual Kink (PRICK). Therefore it is important to note that there is a potential health consideration one must make when it comes to tongue fucking somebody’s eyeball.

The problem is oral health. Many people do not engage in proper daily oral hygiene. Moreover, many people do not get their teeth professionally cared for. In other words, the microbiome of these mouths is not in tip-top shape. More succinctly, you do not want all of that bad mouth bacteria in your eye. Listerine has been found to help with the distribution of healthy bacteria in the mouth, but do you REALLY want to feel that burn in your eye?

I did a review of the literature to see if I could find anything on people getting eye infections from oral bacteria. Nope. So what I can tell you is this: the bad bacteria from your mouth negatively affects other parts of your body.

The American Heart Association News (2019) published an article wherein the bacteria from people’s mouths are found in the brains of stroke patients. An article published on Science Daily (2019) describes how oral bacteria is being implicated in Alzheimer’s, rheumatoid arthritis, and even aspiration pneumonia.

With regard to sucking on someone’s eye, finding literature has been problematic. This is probably because most people do not go around sucking eyeballs for fun. However, it could be reasonably argued that if one sucks your oculus hard enough, it could be damaged. I base this on both logic and findings wherein a surprising number of people have put the vacuum hose up to their eyeball and then turned the machine on (link below). Obviously, this caused some injuries.

Bacterial and safety issues aside, I have a hard enough time with eye drops and trying to put costume contact lenses in. There is no way that I could ever look at a tongue coming for my eyeball. In terms of being the worming Top, I just have to ask, does it taste like chicken?

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