• Fri. Nov 27th, 2020

The List – Engaging Content – New Goals

Here at Kink~E Magazine, we strive to keep it interesting.
In our ever-evolving times, especially now, we continue to provide content to keep things up to date and discussions going.
As the owner and editor, my goals are to continue the interviews in support of the Adult Entertainment Community as a whole, but I would like to also include stimulating content for your mind and knowledge to keep our community abreast of social politics and situations.
Our important goals are to have articles to help better and educate our community. Without these types of articles, we will only be like the rest. I have seen other magazines pop up recently trying to mimic what we are doing and not doing a great job.
It takes a lot of work to put these types of articles together, which include time and research in finding authentic content and speaking to well rounded people within the community. I’m grateful for the time I spent in college, giving me the opportunity to grow in my writing but performing research to write engaging articles that can help all of us.
With that being said, I’ve been working on several projects and looking for the following:
Couples who are newly incorporating fetishes, swing lifestyle and other alternative types of sex into your bedroom. How did you learn to communicate these curiosities in sharing your ideas with your partner and how did you establish rules? Whether you are D/s or equal partners, we are looking for couples who live within these sexual alternatives.
Relationship challenges! We have all had some bad experiences in one form or another when it comes to relationships. Were you scammed, cheated on or hurt physically? How did you overcome these challenges and what is your outlook with relationships now?
Are you an adult professional switching gears? What are you long term goals and what are the challenges to making a change in your lifestyle? Will certain parts (i.e. fetish, D/s) lifestyle still apply?
We’ve got more opportunities coming up! If you fit into any of these categories and you have ideas for content we haven’t done, please email directly to kinkemagazine@gmail.com. You can also visit our Opportunities page.
In addition, please review our new Covid 19 discount ad rates. I’m very excited to incorporate a new discount ad sheet, very simplistic and can fit anyone’s budget. This is a great way to continue to promote your brands flawlessly by utilizing our resources which include the magazine, the KinkE Directory and the KEM TopTalk Show segments which include KEM TopTalk Interviews and Discussions and Marabelle Blue Unfiltered. See the attached flyer for details.
Looking forward to hearing from you!

Marabelle Blue

Ms. Marabelle Blue is the Owner and Editor in Chief of Kink~E Magazine, creating the number one Fetish and Alternative Lifestyle publication in New York City and around the world. She is also the author of part one of the Trilogy Series, An Illegal Affair, producer and host of KEM TopTalk Interviews and Discussions, Erotic Experiences and now the Editor and producer to Marabelle Blue Unfiltered which focuses on array of topics from reality television, lifestyles, coaching, business aspirations and the paranormal.

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