• Fri. Nov 27th, 2020

As We Continue Our Journey

With so many things happening in our world today, it is still important to be mindful of our own duties to our business. We must be able to keep, not only our priorities in order but our sanity.

When we turn on our televisions, the news is filler of one negative story after another with very little inspiration on how to move forward, educate to make a better America.

After all, with the person who currently resides in the White House, a place where great Presidents made strides at a better America, every day we are faced with uncertainty in how we are living today. We, as a united people, cannot safely say, we have a chief who can safeguard us, making us to be proud Americans. It is a disgrace to past Presidents who did nothing short of ensuring our freedoms and democracy.

With that being said, once again, we must remain to take care of our business, choose our battles wisely, and make our commitments in keeping us on the healthy paths in achieving our goals.

There are many great things happening right now at the KinkE headquarters and must remain in our goals as we continue to work with the Adult communities across the board.

We are welcoming two new writers, SoCal Sam and Mad Malic. Sam will be focused on interviews within the Adult Community within the erotic dancer entertainer and Mad Malic will discuss relationships among many other topics regarding how we communicate with one another in relationships.

Expect new articles from Marcus Dowling, Ness Bow and Chris Bacos who continue to make a commitment to our audiences worldwide. I’m very excited at the content they continue to bring in to our engaging audience.

A new email address for business to business has been set up for those interested in advertising and exploring new opportunities in engagement with customers. Working with Skyhawk Afterdark Radio brings forth great opportunities in reaching more customers and having those customers remember your products through radio and video advertising.

We are also working on the KinkE Education seminar program which will allow those who have years of experience within the BDSM field and Adult industry marketing and business understanding to share those experiences with others seeking to raise their engagement and betting their business models.

Please note, we will be very selective in our choosing of the educators sharing their experiences.

In addition, those seeking to do these types of seminars will have the opportunity to prepare for your class without having the stress to “do it all” and have productive meetings as well as the fulfilling experience to engage with your audience and teaching future adult educators and/or those who just like to be able to work and succeed.

We’d like to welcome MixTrix and welcoming back Madame Margherite who are currently advertising with us.

Our advertising kit is available for those interested in advertising in many of the spaces available. For additional advertising such as video and being included in our education seminars should sign up to our new email address at b2belist@kinkemagazine.com

This list is exclusive to businesses who are looking for new avenues to advertise with possibilities of exclusivity with some formats.

If you are interested in working with us and sponsoring our upcoming projects including the online KinkE Magazine Awards, be sure to email us so we can add you to our list.

Stay Safe!

Loves and Hugs,

Marabelle Blue

Ms. Marabelle Blue is the Owner and Editor in Chief of Kink~E Magazine, creating the number one Fetish and Alternative Lifestyle publication in New York City and around the world. She is also the author of part one of the Trilogy Series, An Illegal Affair, producer and host of KEM TopTalk Interviews and Discussions, Erotic Experiences and now the Editor and producer to Marabelle Blue Unfiltered which focuses on array of topics from reality television, lifestyles, coaching, business aspirations and the paranormal.

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