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Sponsorship Time!

While we are all still on lockdown, we all continue to analyze our business in how to monetize our growth through marketing.

I have been thinking and rethinking a lot of different ways to engage our community in sharing educated information where we can all learn and grow. It has become clear to me there are problems in many areas and while I don’t profess to be the end all that says all, I’d like to stay in a solution frame of mind.

As most of you may know, my collaboration with Skyhawk Afterdark has been fulfilling in helping Kink~E Magazine with logistics I wasn’t able to accomplish before.

With the adult shows being hosted through Skyhawk, I’ve been looking at ways to level up with content.

One of those ideas is providing exclusive educational webinars for our adult communities across the board.

No, this is not a new idea, however, now having the capabilities, accompanied with people who I’ve come to know within this industry who have the knowledge and experience within our wonderful world, I am looking forward to sharing with you our new webinar classes to help with enhancement for education, marketing and perhaps a bit of meditative R&R.

I’m very excited about this project. The webinars won’t be just a base class of “101’s”, it will be the type of innovative courses with some secret surprises in mind. Of course, you know I can’t divulge all the secrets because there’s always someone trying to do the same thing and always execute it poorly.

I have to say that because with the outpour on social media, many personas claiming to be educators or “real fetish therapists” but yet use the word kink shame in the same sentence as if “it’s okay because we have to put people in their place” is something we need to nip in the bud promptly. I can’t think of anyone with years of education sharing their experience and yet in the same breath screaming out in disdain and anger, “this is what’s wrong with this community”. We know we are not perfect, but there’s always room for growth.

Stress can lead to anger and sometimes it’s best to take a step back and reassess where we are at before taking our displaced anger on others who don’t deserve it. We must always be on guard of who we follow and who we have as mentors.

With all that being said, let’s get to the solutions!

We will begin holding focused topics education webinars via zoom in the next few months. Those interested in learning more about those topics can participate with a classroom fee which will be cheap (trust me).  Also, if we are filled to capacity, we will have more dates available. We also exploring on demand options but these will be a higher cost.

On a sponsorship level, we have great opportunities for your business marketing and growth. If you’d like to know about those opportunities for the education webinars, speaking at the webinars, the Kink~E Mag Online Awards,  as well as other projects we have in the works, join our list here b2belist@kinkemagazine.com this list is exclusive for business to business.

For those interested in being part of our mailing list to see a list of our upcoming education webinars can sign up here to mailinglist@kinkemagazine.com please note only this is a generalized list in staying in the loop for our webinars among other great things emerging here. It’s a great way to keep notifications other than using social media which most times because of those pesky algorithms we can miss important updates.

Everyone on the Kink~E team is looking forward to bringing our communities together with respect to positivity, growth and consent.

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