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Press Release News: Lady Bellatrix makes her debut as presenter for Latex Fashion TV in Paris Showcase


06 October 2020

Lady Bellatrix makes her debut as presenter for Latex Fashion TV in Paris Showcase

PARIS – Lady Bellatrix teamed up with Latex Fashion TV  to draw attention to the emerging latex scene in Paris, France. She makes her debut as a presenter from their collaboration, a mini series called the Paris Showcase. The introduction video can now be seen on Latex Fashion TV’s award winning YouTube channel.

Now residing in Paris, Lady Bellatrix said “there is often news about the international fetish circuit, but there seems to be little coverage on France. So we wanted to shine the spotlight on the City of Light”. As an internationally renowned heavy rubber dominatrix, Bellatrix added “I have encountered many latex enthusiasts from all corners of France so we wanted to bring them all together to show the world how shiny this underground rubber scene really is”.

Latex Fashion TV, who has clocked over 1 million views on their You Tube channel, worked together with Lady Bellatrix to interview local fetish boutiques, designers and club promoters. The premiere video sees them visiting boutiques Metamorph’Ose and Demonia and latex designer Madomoiselle Ilo. Additionally, they joined forces with Gouters du Divin Marquis to hold a special latex event to encourage everyone from far and wide to show up in their finest rubber for the interview.

Watch Lady Bellatrix’s debut as a presenter and the premiere of the Paris Showcase mini series for Latex Fashion TV.

Lady Bellatrix is a British Dominatrix living in Paris, France. She is a video producer, fetish model, columnist and now a presenter.

For more information, visit her website at www.ladybellatrix.com or follow her on Twitter at @_ladybellatrix_ or AVN Stars at www.maitresseparisienne.com


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